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Can Hamsters Eat Blueberries?

Written by Kelvin LowJune 14, 2021

For many people, especially children and teenagers, hamsters make an ideal pet. These little animals are very adorable and come to captivate everyone's heart. So to have it by your side for a long time you must feed it properly, that is why today we will answer the question "Can hamsters eat blueberries?"

Blueberries are fruits that these little pets eat in their natural state, but you must know different aspects about this fruit, to provide them with a balanced diet.

Can hamsters eat blueberries?

The answer to this question is yes. But your hamster should eat them in proper moderation. If your pet ingests blueberries in excess, that equates to too much sugar intake, which could increase the rodent's blood sugar level and lead to various health problems.

On the other hand, these furry pets are omnivorous, so fruits are part of their diet, only they must be included in the right proportions.

In fact, hamsters can safely eat cranberry leaves, but they probably won't like the taste of it.

Can dwarf hamsters eat blueberries?

Yes, dwarf hamsters can eat blueberries and especially if you take into account that these fruits are very beneficial for them. You just have to remember that you should not exaggerate in terms of the amount you give.

Dwarf hamsters have very small dimensions so you must take special care when giving them this fruit. You must consider the size of both your pet and the food.

Considering dwarf hamsters, the trick to answering "Can hamsters eat blueberries?" is to adapt the size of the fruit portion to the size of your pet.

In general terms and taking into account the standard sizes of dwarf hamsters, we can deduce an adequate portion of fruit. Half a blueberry will be enough if you include it once or twice a week in your furry friend's diet. This amount will be appropriate for the pet to obtain all the required nutrients.

Can syrian hamsters eat blueberries?

Yes, Syrian hamsters can eat blueberries just like dwarf hamsters. But taking into account that syrian hamsters have greater robustness than dwarf hamsters, they can eat blueberries in larger portions and adjusted to their size.

Considering that on average a syrian hamster can reach up to seven inches (17.78 cm.) in length, and can weigh up to four point forty-one ounces (125 grams); And since a blueberry on average weighs 0.02 ounces (0.57 grams), it is easy to calculate the appropriate amount.

A syrian hamster can be fed one or two blueberries per week, with the assurance that it will be an adequate amount for him.

Can robo hamsters eat blueberries?

Yes, these types of hamsters can also enjoy the taste and benefits of blue fruits, without any problem.

When it comes to robo hamsters, they are smaller than syrian hamsters, so their portion should be smaller. Now, taking into account the size of these rodents and the fruit, you can feed your little pet a blueberry every 2 weeks or fifteen days.

You should not exceed this dose, since you could cause health problems for your hamster.

Can winter white hamsters eat blueberries?

If we direct the question "Can hamsters eat blueberries?" to winter white hamsters, we will get a big "yes".

Rodents of this species require large amounts of energy and nutrients to consume during a single day. That is why, like the rest of the hamster species, the winter whites eat vegetables, seeds, insects, fruits and nuts. The combination of these foods is ideal for your pet to be healthy and active.

Among the fruit options that winter white hamsters require and consume are blueberries. So you just have to take care to feed it with the appropriate amount, with one or two medium blueberries per week will be enough.

Can baby hamsters eat blueberries?

No, baby hamsters should not eat this fruit, not before they are one month old. These adorable animals are mammals, so their young are initially fed on their mother's milk.

After four weeks (sometimes three weeks) they begin the weaning process, feeding on solid food.

For the weaning process to be correct, you can provide them with soft food such as cooked vegetables. Later you can go little by little to granulated foods.

Are blueberries poisonous to hamsters?

As we mentioned in the section "Can hamsters eat blueberries?", these fruits are not poisonous to hamsters, but in excess they can cause damage to the health of rodents.

Blueberries are considered superfoods because they have beneficial nutrients for the health of humans and hamsters. By eating adequate portions of blue fruit, your pet can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Usually hamsters face high cholesterol levels, but with the consumption of blueberries the bad cholesterol can be reduced thanks to the manganese and the polyphenols in the fruit.
  • Blue fruit contain few calories so it does not cause your pet to become overweight.
  • Blueberries contain large amounts of fibers that are very beneficial for the digestive system of your furry friend.
  • Your pet's immune system will be strengthened thanks to antioxidants and the large amount of vitamin C that blueberries have.

On the other hand, if your hamster eats a lot of blueberries, it can suffer a series of problems. We mention some of the threats to your pet's health that you may face:

  • The fruit contains high levels of sugar that when consumed in excess by your rodent, can cause diabetes.
  • When you feed your pet without measure or control with food that has sugar and fats, you can lead him to suffer from overweight problems. This considerably reduces the life expectancy of the hamster.
  • If you do not chop the fruit into small pieces appropriate to the size of your adorable friend, he could suffocate. If your pet is a dwarf hamster, you should be especially careful with this.
  • By nature, hamsters like to eat. In other words, if you don't limit the amount of fruit they could eat it to their fill, leaving no room for their routine meals, which could lead to nutritional problems for your rodent.

How many blueberries can hamsters eat?

In this regard, you should keep in mind that a large syrian hamster needs about a tablespoon of food per day. Snacks and blueberries should cover about 15 percent of the total food your furry friend eats on a daily basis.

Simply put, when it comes to blueberries, a syrian hamster should eat a maximum of two medium-sized blueberries a week. For a dwarf hamster the serving should be half a blueberry once or twice a week.

Although you already know the answer to "Can hamsters eat blueberries?" is yes, we advise you that the first time you give your hamster blueberry, only give him half of the fruit. In this way you can monitor it and validate that it does not suffer any discomfort. In case your pet begins to exhibit symptoms or unusual behavior, call your vet immediately.

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Kelvin Low has more than three years of experience in taking care of pets at home - ranging from dogs, hamsters, to cats and hedgehog. His passion and care towards animals has motivated him to create educational content online to more more pets owners in need.

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