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8 Best Dog Cafes in Singapore

Written by Kelvin Low,Β August 6, 2023
Best Dog Cafe in Singapore

Welcome to our guide on the best dog cafes in Singapore! If you're a pet lover seeking delightful places to bond with your furry friend, you're in for a treat. These dog-friendly havens offer not just scrumptious treats and beverages, but also a warm and welcoming atmosphere where both you and your beloved companion can relax and socialize.

Join us as we explore the top 8 dog cafes in Singapore, each offering a unique experience that celebrates the special bond between pet owners and their furry pals.

#8 Two x Four Cafe, Pandan Valley Condominium

Dog Cafe Singapore | Two x Four

TWO X FOUR CAFE is a must-visit haven for you and your furry friend. This cozy spot offers a warm and inviting atmosphere where pets are not just welcomed, but embraced. With a reputation for being incredibly pet-friendly, this cafe provides a safe haven for your four-legged companion to socialize and have a blast.

The menu is a treat for both you and your pet, featuring delectable options that cater to different tastes. It's not just a cafe; it's a bonding experience where you and your pet can enjoy quality time together. The reviews speak volumes about the charming ambiance and attentive staff, making it a top choice among pet owners.


2 Pandan Valley, #01-210 ACACIA COURT, Singapore 597626

Opening Time:

πŸ•› Fri: 12 - 9pm⁣⁣
πŸ•š Sat & Sun: 11 - 9pm⁣⁣

#7 Venusology Cafe (Pets Allowed), Pheonix Park

Dog Cafe Singapore | Venusology Cafe (Pets Allowed)

Venusology Cafe is a game-changer. It's a cozy oasis where your furry friend can join in on the fun. The cafe has gained quite a reputation for being open and accommodating to pets, making it the ideal destination for those seeking quality time with their pets in a relaxing atmosphere.

It's not just about the food; it's about the experience. The reviews from delighted visitors speak volumes about the serene ambiance, friendly staff, and the wonderful camaraderie between pet owners.


318 Tanglin road, Phoenix Park, 247979

Opening Time:

πŸ•› Tue - Fri: 9 - 9pm⁣⁣
πŸ•š Sat, Sun & PH: 8 - 9pm⁣⁣

#6 Four Paw Pet Shop & Cafe, Beauty World Centre

Dog Cafe Singapore | Four Paw

Four Paws is a warm and inviting space where pets are not just allowed, but cherished. It's the ultimate spot to spend quality time with your pet, whether you're enjoying a coffee or exploring their range of delightful treats and toys.

Pet owners rave about the pet-friendly ambiance and the wide variety of goodies available. From scrumptious treats that'll make your pet's tail wag with delight, to engaging toys that'll keep them entertained for hours, this place has it all.


144 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #04-12 Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177

Opening Time:

πŸ•› Mon - Thu: 9 - 9pm⁣⁣
πŸ•š Fri - Sun: 9 - 10pm⁣⁣

#5 I.N.U Cafe & Boutique

Dog Cafe Singapore | INU Cafe & Boutique

I.N.U Cafe & Boutique is not just a cafe – it's a sanctuary for your furry companion. Enjoy heartwarming moments in a pet-friendly atmosphere where your pet can socialize and play. From delectable treats to stylish accessories, this spot has it all. The reviews speak volumes about the cozy ambiance, making it a perfect place to connect with fellow pet lovers.

Savor a cup of coffee as your pet forms new friendships. Don't miss out on this haven that celebrates the bond between you and your pet. Head to I.N.U Cafe & Boutique for tail-wagging fun!


530 Balestier Rd, #01-07 Monville Mansions, Singapore 329857

Opening Time:

πŸ•› Mon - Sun: 12 - 8pm⁣⁣ (Close on Tue & Wed)

#4 Sun Ray Cafe

Pet Cafe Singapore | Sun Ray Cafe

Sun Ray Cafe in Singapore is your ultimate destination. This welcoming spot isn't just a cafe – it's a home away from home for your furry friend. A relaxed, pet-friendly vibe sets the stage for unforgettable moments. Indulge in delightful treats for both you and your pet, making every visit a paw-sitive experience.

The reviews say it all: a warm atmosphere where pets are cherished. Share a cup of coffee as your pet mingles with new pals. Whether it's a playdate or a casual hangout, Sun Ray Cafe is the place for joyous barks, wagging tails, and memories that'll last.


79 Brighton Cres, Singapore 559218

Opening Time:

πŸ•› Mon - Sun: 9 - 9:30pm⁣⁣

#3 What The Pug Cafe

Dog Cafe Singapore | What The Pug

Don't miss out on What The Pug Cafe in Singapore! It's not just a cafe – it's a haven tailor-made for you and your furry companion. Experience a warm and inviting atmosphere that welcomes both humans and pets. Indulge in delectable treats for you and your pug, creating a delightful outing.

Reviews echo the cozy ambiance, offering a safe space where pets are cherished. Relax with a coffee while your pug socializes with new pals. What The Pug Cafe is more than a cafe – it's a place for laughter, wagging tails, and unforgettable moments between you and your cherished pug.


80 Haji Ln, Singapore 189271

Opening Time:

πŸ•› Mon - Sun: 12 - 8pm⁣⁣ (Close on Mon)

#2 Menage Cafe

Dog Cafe Singapore | Menage Cafe

Menaga Cafe in Singapore is a must-visit gem! It's more than a cafe – it's a haven for you and your furry friend. Experience a welcoming and pet-friendly environment, perfect for bonding time. Delight in scrumptious treats, catering to both humans and pets, making every visit a treat-filled adventure. Reviews rave about the cozy setting, ensuring your pet feels cherished.

Sip a coffee as your pet connects with new buddies. Menaga Cafe isn't just about food – it's about creating heartwarming memories, joyful barks, and wagging tails. Head over for a memorable outing that celebrates the bond between you and your pet.


6 Sin Ming Rd, #01-01/02, Singapore 575585

Opening Time:

πŸ•› Tue - Fri: 12 - 9pm

πŸ•› Sat - Sun: 10:30 - 9pm

#1 The Garden Slug Petite (Pets Allowed)

Dog Cafe Singapore | The Garden Slug

The Garden Slug Petite (Pets Allowed) in Singapore is your go-to destination for a heartwarming experience. Beyond being a cafe, it's a cozy haven where you and your furry friend can truly unwind. Delight in a pet-friendly setting that's tailor-made for bonding time. Indulge in a delectable menu designed for both humans and pets, promising a treat-filled outing.

The reviews speak volumes about the warm ambiance, ensuring your pet is not just allowed, but cherished. While you enjoy your meal, your pet can mingle with new companions, creating memorable connections. Don't miss out on this unique cafe that celebrates your pet's presence. Head to The Garden Slug Petite for a truly special outing that'll leave tails wagging!

Opening Time:

πŸ•› Wed - Fri: 11:30 - 9pm

πŸ•› Sat, Sun & PH: 9:30 - 9pm

Final Verdict

From cozy corners to wagging tails, these 8 best dog cafes in Singapore are a testament to the city's dedication to creating spaces where pets are not just tolerated, but truly embraced. Whether you're looking for a relaxing coffee break with your pup or a chance to meet fellow pet enthusiasts, these cafes have something special to offer.

So, grab your furry friend, explore these fantastic spots, and treat yourselves to unforgettable moments of joy and connection. Your dog's tail will be wagging, and your heart will be smiling!

About The Author

Kelvin Low

Kelvin Low has more than three years of experience in taking care of pets at home - ranging from dogs, hamsters, to cats and hedgehog. His passion and care towards animals has motivated him to create educational content online to more more pets owners in need.

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